Friday, September 03, 2004

(*) Local bogans

You know, I'd never heard of this bizarre Aussie expression for a certain 'type' of Aussies - the 'bogan' - until my housemate got me watching SBS's 'Pizza' - that made me pmsl! Actually it was my housemate who introduced me to other forms of cultural expansion thanx to Monday nights' on SBS TV, shows like "Crank Yankers", "Velvet Soup", "South Park", and of course "Pizza"! Actually, if you ever get to watch an episode of Crank Yankers, be warned - it's really really funny - but very very rude and 'off' in lots of ways! But - you'll never watch an episode of 'Sesame Street' or 'The Muppets' the same way ever again! They use muppet-type puppets posing as bogus phone callers on unsuspecting people - very very funny!

Anyway... just around the corner from us, when I walk into town and back, I pass what we have 'sweetly' called 'Boganville'... yes, it's populated with those interesting characters, including cars with hoods open on the front lawn, feral kids, flannies and black jeans, and lots of empty beer cans around the place. It's a charming local landmark - not! I made myself laff one night months' and months ago when my housemate and I were talking about something in that particular street, when I mentioned that place, which I called off-the-cuff 'Boganville'. Well, it's been our own running gag for months' now. Aint we absolutely horrible?!? Talk about social discriminationalists! (What they hey...?!? lol)

Actually, Boganville has seen an interesting collection of varied items decorating the footpath around itself over the last 6+ months, including old shopping trolleys, broken toys, broken bottles, a busted pram, and an ironing board - complete with cover. About a year ago when I was once walking past on my way into or back from town, I noticed the local uniformed public servants paying the household a visit... you just never know what goes on in there... but there's always music of some sort or another blaring out from the open busted front flyscreen door. The interesting trail of assorted visitors who seem to pop in and out are an interesting bunch of local individuals as well. Hmmm... it's like a bogan microculture right in my very own neighbourhood! Ooohhhh, aint I right royal bastard! pmsl It's the only boganville in the immediate area, but, mind you, there's a whole 'suburb' like that in another part of town. I guess this makes me sound like a farking snob or something. Well, maybe I am... maybe I am! lol.

It was right outside that place that I first laid eyes on a young black labrador dog carrying, in its' mouth - a large green toy stuffed frog! I thought I was seeing things at first, but it's been seen by others as well. The next time I saw the said creature it was casually sunning itself in the middle of the road, enjoying the slobbering company of the same toy felt frog in its mouth! cars had to slow down and deliberately move around it as it just lay in the middle of the road, seemingly totally oblivious to the world around it! A crazy local mutt! I haven't seen it about lately, but I have noticed it carrying various different things in its mouth as it's walked around the nearby streets!

Mal :o)
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