Thursday, September 23, 2004

(*) Thursday is before Friday and after Wednesday

I heard some sad news this week. An old lady who'd been a great friend and associate in my past has passed away. She was one of those people who just leave their positive mark on you. Fran was an elderly lady (in her 80's), but she always had the time to stop and listen and say hello to people. She was a great encourager, and she would always call you by your name. She had a great dimension of always wanting to keep moving forward on her lifes' journey, even though she had all the right to sit back and relax during her autumnal years. She'd lived a full and active life, but was always seeking to do what 'the Lord' wanted her to do, each single day. A special lady. Words don't cut it to describe the effect this lady had on not only me, but many many people I also knew over the years. Her funeral was held at the church I used to attend back in Sydney years' ago, and by all accounts it was packed. It was a combination of a sad and joyous occasion. Fran was well loved and will be greatly missed by many people, but those of us who knew her know that she lived for 'the life to come', and for those who think of such things are greatly comforted that she's having a wow of a time right now - where she always knew she was headed. Fran - thank you for your life of simple obedience, caring and kindness. I'll miss you. And I know I'm not alone in that thought either.

On a total change of tack... I got back my tax assessment notice today. You always swallow when you see the envelope. you don't really know what the taxmans' gonna pull on you sometimes, no matter how simple or well planned out you are with your tax calculations. Anyway - it came back exactly as I'd calculated - nil! Whew!

Again, let's change direction yet again... living with my housemate can be fun for most of the time (when she's not stressed about the clowns at her work, poor thing). We both have a 'zany' whacko sense of humour (as if you couldn't imagine), but in lots of ways we are chalk-and-cheese too. Like the DVD's we choose to watch. She's into Quinton Tarantino movies - she got herself 'Kill Bill' the other day. Good on her, it's just that I'm not into those kinda things. That's cool. In this place, we go from one extreme to the other. She's watching "Kill Bill", and what am I watching? "The Sound of Music"!!!! hahahahahaaaaa! Talk about the opposite ends of the spectrum! hahahahaa! But then, she taped "Mary Poppins" off the TV the other week, so - go figure! hahahaa!

The eczema is better today - go figure! (gees, I hate those Americanisms! Shutting up now!)
On This Day...
Births: Ray Charles (1932); Bruce Springsteen (1949); Mickey Rooney (1920); Jason Alexander (1959).
Events: Autumn Equinox - (ie. all the chickens become moose for a day).
My Soundtrack: "Strange Brew" - Cream; "33 1/3" - John Farnham.

Mal  :o)
"If we see light at the end of the tunnel, it's the light of the oncoming train." (Robert Lowell) 
"The Lord survives the rainbow of His will." (Robert Lowell)


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