Friday, July 23, 2004

(*) Birthday - Very Early in the Saturday AM

Birthdaft... just a quick one... turning 40 aint all it's cracked up to be.... there's no flashing lights, telegrams from the Queen, visitations from extrateresstrials... nothing like that - thank gawd! I took the boys out for lunch, and Alex wanted to come home with me (sob!). It was great to be with them - as always.

I had a nap this arvo, and had a very realistic dream of sailing with my dad (which we did for years when I was a young teenager etc). I awoke with tears streaming down my face! It's amazing, isn't it? After over 8 years, I still really miss him.

A plus was that my final George Johnston book arrived, "The Darkness Outside" - that's the one I was waiting for! Whoo hoo! And finally... I also received "The Fisher King" on video - one of those quirky films that i absolutely love - can't describe it, just know that I love the whole feel of it. Did I spend the day/arvo/evening on the turps? Nope, didn't touch a drop - didn't feel like it! It's fucking horrible being alone on your birthday - even my flatmate left this morning to spend the w/end with her folks down the coast! So, home alone! lol. Oh well, life is... interesting! At least I can play my XTC, Rolling Stones and Beatles CD's bleedin' loud! Listening to "Please Please Me" even as I speak - gees, that's even older than I am - only just! pmsl!

Mal :o)
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Blogger Mallard said...

Another bonus... The Goon Show was on the radio this morning too! Whoo hoo! Trying to fly the Albert Memorial to the moon (of course!)

July 23, 2004 11:55 pm  

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