Thursday, July 22, 2004

(*) Thor'sday

George Johnston... I've received my second out-of-print George Johnston novel this morning, "Closer to the Sun" (1960). Whoo hoo! This one is a semi-autobiographical account of his stay on Hydra in Greece! Roll on...

Robert Lowell... I might have mentioned (I can't remember...!) that I discovered that they've finally released Robert Lowell's "Collected Poems" at last, after more than 25 years' since his passing. It's more than 1,000+ pages, but as a final birthday prezzie for myself, I ordered it today - $75!!! I put $40 down, so it won't hurt so much when it arrives from the UK in 4-6 weeks. I have literally been awaiting this book for about 20 years! I first encountered this manic poet in Year 11 (1981... about 5 billion years' ago now), and he's left a real impression on me ever since. Now I won't have to rebuild my collection in bits and pieces once again, but have all of it in one wonderful volume. A "flawed genius" someone described Lowell as, and that's about right. An imperfect jewel. But, aint we all?

CD's... my 2 CD's I ordered finally arrived, and I'm listening to 'em as I speak. XTC's "Black Sea" is classic British late 70's/early '80's pop - every single track is a hit! And "Get Your Ya Ya's Out" by The Rolling Stones, the great account of their 1969 US tour in New York! Excellent guitar work - whoo hoo! "Midnight Rambler" is gracing the airwaves in here as we speak!

Crazy weather... yeah, we had snow here on the weekend, and for the rest of this week we've had glorious blue sunny skies with virtually no wind at all - it feels like spring in the middle of winter! D'oh!

Religious crossroads... you'd never think a regional center like Bathurst would be a religious melting-pot now, would you? Walking in the shopping centre this morning, I first saw a Catholic nun I used to work alongside a few years ago. Then, not 20 seconds later, a Bhuddist monk, complete with shaved head and long flowing orange robes strolled past! I couldn't help but smirk! Then, to top off a smiley kinda day, I found a $2 coin... at first I thought it was a gag - there's one glued to the footpath outside a service station here (so the employees there get a good laff watching ppl trying to pick it up, I assume!), but it was legit. A sunny funny day.



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