Friday, August 27, 2004

(*) The neighbours are moving...

The neighbours are moving out! Earlier this arvo I heard a truck 'beep beep beep' reversing up the narrow driveway, and it stopped right across our garage (not a problem... we can't fit a car in there anyway!) I didn't think any more about it, until I heard the neighbours starting to slide furniture onto the back of the truck! Yes, it was the neighbours... not a mask or balaclava in sight! gees, you know, you never really get to know the people you live right next door to, apart from saying 'G'day' over the back fence when we were both hanging out the washing, or keeping an eye on each others' places when we were out. And now they're moving - and I didn't even know they were sick! (Boom boom tish!) So, even on a Friday, at least they've got the whole weekend to move and clean and stuff.

Urg - mooving! Two of my good friends are in the process of moving to new houses! I hope and (pray) it's NOT my turn next! I do NOT wanna move again for a long while! I actually like it here. I feel settled, comfortable etc etc. for the first time in frigging a few years, since the seperation. blah blah blah

bloggity bloggity blog blog blog...


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