Wednesday, August 25, 2004

(*) Chatters

Monday night I caught up with two of my great online friends (both of whom I've met face-to-face, along with their families) Raven & Sedate (Brisbane & Sydney, respectively.) It's so good to talk with them. We've all travelled along together on our journeys together for 2 1/2+ years' now, and it's good to have friends like them on your side. I also managed to catch up with someone I haven't seen online for at least 6+ months, Jolly in QLD. She's had a ruff trot, but it was good to 'hear her voice' again (so to speak). We were able to briefly compare notes, and I appreciate some of the things she's been thru lately.

Other people I'd love to catch up with and meet 1-on-1 in person just happen to live all over the farking planet! I've got no chance to jump on a plane, or even a slow boat to China, to be able to catch up with them at this stage in my life. They're spread out as far as England, Sweden, Greece, Turkey, Victoria, Melbourne and even Hawaii! That'd be an interesting round trip...

Mal :o)
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