Saturday, August 21, 2004


lol... go here to find out what google thinks of you... i've bolded the ones that are true... and ** the ones that make me laugh myself silly...

Googlism for: mallard

mallard is accused of hitting a window**
mallard is an educational development environment designed for courses to be supported on the web
mallard is easy to use and the quizzes helped me prepare for the exams
mallard is a duck
mallard is a relatively large duck
mallard is found across canada
mallard is a wide ranging duck and it is the most abundant duck in the mississippi valley
mallard is the most common duck in the usa
mallard is quite different
mallard is to select print from any application that can open the file
mallard is an ansynchronous instructional environment currently in use at a number of educational institutions across the united states
mallard is a very strong flier and has been clocked at 60 mph**
mallard is the best at sleeping
mallard is a medium
mallard is the most abundant and widely distributed duck in british columbia and has been recorded from sea level to 3,00 feet
mallard is our commonest duck
mallard is the most common duck in north america
mallard is more than just a clever means to help make homework more valuable**
mallard is an interactive web
mallard is a web
mallard is a large duck and average weights range from 2 3/4 to 3 pounds
mallard is most common and perhaps the most recognisable duck in the province
mallard is able to do this because augustine's affirmation of the good of creation**
mallard is one of the four daughters**
mallard is probably the most widely known wild duck in north america
mallard is known as a "'puddle duck" and feeds by dabbling and "upending" in shallow water rather than by diving
mallard is seeking permission for the third phase of its training
mallard is a powerful course management system developed at the university of illinois
mallard is that you can
mallard is one of our most common ducks found in louisiana in the winter
mallard is a world wide web
mallard is the most common and one of the largest
mallard is no doubt the most widely recognized duck in the united states
mallard is almost the only duckspecies that is found in the pool at all times
mallard is given below
mallard is a set of cgi programs and associated library modules
mallard is undoubtably the most recognized waterfowl in the world
mallard is on the right hand side through the intersection of holly and n
mallard is not set up in ecen 220 to be a stand
mallard is known as a "puddle" or "dabbling" duck
mallard is the largest of all ducks and is a common sight on lakes and ponds
mallard is a typical dabbling duck
mallard is located on the south
mallard is great for drinking
mallard is the name
mallard is believed to strut its stuff on dams**
mallard is accused of hitting 37 parked koalas**
mallard is to visit a local pond or park where they are resident**
mallard is the most abundant and widely distributed duck in the northern hemisphere
mallard is from the 'anas pltyrhynchos' species and is a member of the 'anatidae' family the mallard is
mallard is the link between the gsse's gospel hump**
mallard is one of the commonest and most widely distributed species of duck
mallard is one of the larger surface
mallard is about 50**
mallard is undoubtedly the most abundant duck in the world
mallard is mottled brown in color
mallard is the most common duck in ireland
mallard is done**
mallard is mottled brown and tan with a white tail and an orange bill
mallard is an underachieving**
mallard is an amusing look at a decidedly bent world
mallard is clearly the expert in this endeavor**
mallard is allows to launch x applications on your display
mallard is trying to bring these strategies that have worked with pigs to the dairy industry**
mallard is set up because it makes it easy to learn
mallard is light enough
mallard is that secondary teachers will be offered the lease of a laptop computer from the government for three
mallard is common throughout europa
mallard is the very worst of tv documentary makers**
mallard is similar to the male but greener
mallard is a larger version of andrew’s original ‘coot’ design**
mallard is a funny looking little craft
mallard is an ingenious web
mallard is a duck species which is widespread throughout the northern hemisphere
mallard is probably the best known of all our wild ducks
mallard is visiting our office
mallard is available only on a scheduled basis
mallard is important to elk because it's remote and has gentle rolling topography**
mallard is only guilty of failing to stop and aid a victim**
mallard is that the female mallard does not have much color**
mallard is passionate about helping employees improve their communication skills at work
mallard is no longer parliament’s worst behaved mp according to the 2001 list of parliament’s 10 worst behaved mps


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