Wednesday, August 25, 2004

(*) Spring Winter

What is it with this crazy weather? All the plants are blooming like nuts, just because we have a few days of nice clear sunny skies? Sheesh. But - don't they realise... this is Bathurst! There's gotta be a cold snap coming yet, one final cold blast before winter turns its' back for another year! I'm sure of it - maybe snow, but I know they'll be high freezing winds along the way sometime in the next few weeks yet! Even in this nice weather out here, you can't afford to put your woollies and ugh-boots away into storage - just yet. Now the postage-sized backyard of grass is growing like crazy again... I'm gonna have to re-discover the whipper snipper once again and get to the green stuff before I can't find the back fence. (No, it's not really like that!) Even my 3 planters of flowers I planted back in March have come out of their slow-time, and are starting to flourish yet again. They haven't stopped blooming the whole of winter (ahh, the joys of Alyssum!), but from now on in they'll be going quite nuts with whites and reds everywhere - and I'm not complaining, believe me. I know the weather is warmer a bit - the doors are able to shut properly again - the ground under the slab of the house is settling back down again... it's bizarre how doors close one day and not the next! keeps you on your toes. Well, they do close, it's just that they don't shut tightly enough, I guess.

What is it with people wearing ugh boots out in public??? It must be the national dress of the local boguns, I dunno! Along with a flannie and black jeans - they're everywhere in Bathurst! It just makes me laugh... ugh-boots are not dress footwear, no matter how nice they look! Mine are literally held together with gaffa tape, so I wouldn't dare walk outside and be caught dead with them (well, maybe down to the mailbox if it's really really cold...). Go the ugh boots!

Kids are funny. In the shops this week, yet again I heard a tiny kid, aged about 2 years old, sitting in the shopping trolley in front of mum, saying really out loud, "Shut up!" It's so funny to hear it. Gees, I wonder where they hear that kinda stuff to say it...? It was funny enough that the kid next door said it out loud when she was about 12-months old, when there was a whole heap of her families' friends over for a BBQ and a few beers. It was pretty funny to hear.

Mal :o)
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